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Prior to the turn of the century, few people could envisage any possible environmental effect of using less energy. Energy efficiency was not a read concern but was seen to be on the fringe of the real value of industry, which was to 'product better products at better prices, and optimise the bottom line'.

Because it now costs so much more, energy has a major impact on that bottom line which has forced us to recognise the importance of energy efficiency, energy management and the fact that every step we take to optimise a process makes it more effective and profitable.

This handbook takes you on a journey through some of that thinking - looking at the basics, the existing and the developed - and asking questions about what the future may be like. At the end of the day, in as much as we need to change or rethink technologies we use, so too as people we may need to rethink what we do and how we do it.

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Foreword by Ian Jandrell

Perspective on Energy + enviroFiciency: Today, tomorrow 1


Chapter 1:

Energy in Southern Africa

Energy in sub-Saharan Africa: Today and tomorrow

P Lloyd, Energy Institute, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Power electrical systems – progress over time

H du Preez, Consultant 

Large-scale Renewable Energy power opportunities: Africa

C Paton, Frost & Sullivan Africa 

Electric mobility solutions – enormous operational energy cost savings

A English, Freedom Won 

Experimental efficiency comparison between fixed and tracked photovoltaic solar panels

G Craig, Techlyn 

‘Fuelling the future’ – Developing the hydrogen fuel cell market in South Africa

P Venn, Air Products South Africa 


Chapter 2:

Energy management

Determining energy savings: Then and now

I Bosman and Y de Lange, Energy Training Foundation 

Changing the organogram for optimal energy management

Y de Lange, Energy Training Foundation 


Chapter 3:

Energy savings in industry

Novel processes for Food and Beverage: Quality, safety, efficiency

A Murray, consultant 

Today’s industry harmed by copper theft

E Swanepoel, Copper Development Association Africa (CDAA) 

Heat tracing technologies – gearing for energy savings

N Liddle, Thermon South Africa


Chapter 4:

Energy savings in other applications

Protection of smart power grids and data networks

T Kerchensteiner and M Wiersch, DEHN+SÖHNE 

Planning and designing an Ethernet network for mission critical communications

T Craven, H3iSquared 


Chapter 5:

Maintenance and system issues

Making the renewable energy connection

H Scholtz, Aberdare Cables 

Preventing damage to underground cables

JJ Walker and TR Becker, Walmet Technologies 

Dawning of the Wind Age

SL-L Lumley, WearCheck