The B730 from Bobcat Equipment South Africa is a versatile backhoe loader that can be configured for a diverse range of job applications, from digging, trenching, to breaking and materials handling.

The B730 is ideal for both small and large contractors with high expectations in terms of machine reliability and service, which is a prime focus for Bobcat Equipment South Africa, according to product specialist, Jan Stansfield.

Bobcat B730 Backhoe 12 2017

Other target markets are municipalities and local utilities such as water and telecoms. Applications include construction, roadworks, maintenance, small demolitions, excavations, landscaping and agriculture.

“Enhancing the versatility of the B730 in particular is the 100 hp engine under the hood,” says Stansfield. The standard 4,4 l, four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine delivers power for demanding applications. In addition, operating costs are reduced as the powertrain has been proven through rigorous testing to guarantee reliability and uptime,” he says.

All models have an open centre hydraulic system, with a tandem gear pump in the B730. An unloader valve and electrohydraulic differential lock are standard across all models, while the B730 also features a limited slip differential.

Versatility and productivity are enhanced with the choice of a general purpose or six-in-one bucket. The B730 has a 400 mm ground clearance, together with a 25° back ramp angle for increased climbing performance over steep slopes.