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Construction World spoke to Erkin Tekel, the GM of Aksa Power Generation SA about this company’s range of gensets and how it aims to replicate the long track record of success it has had in the Turkish construction industry, locally. For an airport project in Istanbul, for example, Aksa Power Generation is delivering 42 gensets, able to generate 2 500 kVA each. This airport will be one of the biggest airports in the world.

Aksa Power 35 years of successErkin Tekel, the GM of Aksa Power Generation SA.

Since when has Aksa Power Generation SA been serving South Africa?

As Aksa Power Generation, we have been serving both South Africa and Southern Africa since the early 2000s. However, as Aksa Power Generation SA, we’ve been serving the area since 2015.

What power generation options do you offer – specifically for the construction industry?

Our range starts from 1 kVA petrol gensets, all the way up to 3 000 kVA diesel industrial gensets. It also includes a wide range of natural gas generators. We have historical expertise in synchronisation technologies (which is usually necessary in the construction industry), all with Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage scenarios. We have an amazing engineering team that can produce tailor-made solutions according to client needs.

What inroads have you made in the construction industry?

In Turkey, especially, we are the most preferred company for the majority of construction companies regarding their inventory parks as well as for their projects. For instance, the third airport project in Istanbul, which is still under construction and is going to be one of the biggest airports in the world, appointed Aksa for the backup generator systems. We already started the delivery of the gensets: 42 units of 2 500 kVA each, with a total of 105 MVA stand-by power. This is one of the biggest projects that was ever launched in the history of Republic of Turkey.

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We’re aiming to achieve the same level of recognition in South and Southern Africa.

Why are your gensets suitable for the construction industry?

We deal with most popular and trusted engine brands (Perkins, Cummins, Volvo, Doosan, Mitsubishi, John Deere, etc.) and alternator brands (Stamford and Meccalte) in the world. These brands are known for their robust products. To this we add our own excellent equipment quality that has been honed by our 35 years of experience in power generation.

What specific needs of the construction industry do you meet?

Other than explained above, we have our new plug-and-play 1 MW power packs that has a ready-to-synch feature. In addition it has various useful futures like remote control and monitoring, detachable bumpers (when you need to relocate a genset on a construction site), grounding copper rod and a cable on the unit, etc. We also rent these power packs out for six or more months.

Construction sites are often harsh environments – are your gensets geared to function in these conditions?

Yes, they are. Our gensets are tailor designed – either for the ice-fields of Russia or the deserts of Africa.

How long can a genset be rented for?

For smaller gensets we offer daily rentals (only in Tukey for now), but for our 1 MW packs, rental periods are six months and longer and the location can be anywhere in the globe.

What contracts are available for maintenance (when customers rent or purchase a genset)?

We do track our clients even without a maintenance contract. We also offer annual maintenance contracts for our outright purchasing clients on request. For rental business it depends on negotiations as we can provide full maintenance, or the client can get the maintenance done by an accredited service company.

There is a big move toward sustainable energy: what can Aksa Power Generation SA offer the contractor that has his eye on sustainability?

We are offering our 35 years of experience, quality generators at an affordable price and 24/7 after-sales support.

What are some of the major contracts in Africa where Aksa Power Generation has been involved in?

We have two major HFO power plants up and running and one project under construction at the moment: Ghana 370 MW HFO Power Plant; Madagascar 120 MW HFO Power Plant and Mali 40 MW HFO Power Plant (under construction).

We also recently provided 15 MW power through our special rental fleet to North Sudan.

In terms of construction and renewable energy: SA is in the process of building wind and solar farms. How can Aksa’s gensets be used here?

As Aksa, part of our vision is to generate innovative engineering and to spread our know-how as much as we can. Therefore our engineers have already developed hybrid generators for the telecommunications industry.

We are also in contact with some global solar energy companies to improve these complex technological systems up to bigger scales, such as combined solar-diesel genset farms.


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