Denver Technical Products offers an extensive range of free-standing portable lighting systems optimised for construction, civil defence, railway maintenance, fire brigades, open cast mining, etc.

Tele Mast1The TF610 Series consists of three parts; a rugged tubular steel tripod, which has adjustable feet and will stand level on surfaces sloping up to 15 degrees. The telescopic aluminium mast is extended by a hand pump for heavy lamp heads or simply pulled up by hand for more modest head-loads. The lamp head can accommodate up to four luminaires each independently adjustable without tools. Various types of luminaires are available for example; Halogen: 2 x 500 W, 3 x 500 W, 2 x 1 000 W and 4 x 1 000 W or HPS: 2 x 250 W/400 W, producing up to 83 000 lumens.

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