The newly opened Sun International Sun Arena seats 8500 people and is set to host some of the biggest music concerts in South Africa. The ground floor of the venue has retractable seating and can double up as a conference venue, while the balance of the seating is fixed and raked upwards from the stage. The height from ceiling to floor in the venue ranges from 4 m at the top of the seating plan to 18 m on the ground floor, and Giantlight, the company responsible for the lighting, had to accommodate this in the design.

SunArenaTo ensure uniform light levels throughout the theatre, four models of the MegaLED Bay downlight (60 W, 120 W, 180 W and 240 W) were used. The downlight, an existing product within the company stable, was remodelled to include an antiglare snoot and a trunnion arm and to remove recessed trim. One hundred and eighty six MegaLED Bays were suspended from the grid above the ceiling for what, in essence, comprised two installations. The first was the 240 W, 5000 K work lights that bring the light levels in the arena to 500 lux and also serve the conference space; while the ‘second’ installation was for house, or hospitality, illumination, which provides light on the theatre's seats and aisles for the audience before and after performances and during intermissions and these consist of 60 W, 120 W and 180 W 2700 K units. The installation is DMX addressable. Edison Power installed the MegaLED Bays, and Giantlight undertook the DMX address setting and testing. Pro Sound was responsible for final commissioning and programming. The result is that each and every light fitting can be adressed individually if required – and is dimmable from 100% to 1%.

Nineteen RGBW spotlights under the catwalk light up a curtain for effect and, because they have the same address system as the stage lighting, can be used for additional effect if required.

The spotlights and the pendants in the public circulation areas, the lights in the ablution facilities, the blue cove lighting and the under counter cove lighting in the bar areas were all undertaken by Giantlight.