Veolia Water Technologies continues to deliver landmark water treatment solutions the world over, and this was confirmed at the recent Global Water Awards 2017 in Madrid, where three of the company’s plants were distinguished in their categories.

Veolia projects at Global Water Awards 2017Veolia’s MBR plant is helping reduce historic pollution in Antarctica by using cutting edge technology to provide fresh water to the continent’s research community.

The Global Water Awards are presented annually at the Global Water Summit, the major business conference for the worldwide water industry. The Awards acknowledge the most important achievements in the international water industry within several categories. At this year’s awards in Madrid, Veolia was distinguished for the following: the Marafiq project in Saudi Arabia in the Industrial Desalination Plant of the Year category; the Antarctica Reuse project in the Water/Wastewater Project of the Year category; and, in the Municipal Desalination Plant of the Year category, for the Az Zour North 1 project in Kuwait.

For the Water/Wastewater Project of the Year category, Veolia’s new MBR plant was recognised as the critical component of the multi-year programme to clean up contamination in the Antarctic. The plant will be complemented by a seven-barrier advanced water treatment plant at the Davis research station, allowing world-class potable water to be produced from secondary effluent within a closed-loop system.

On top of the unique construction, engineering and logistical challenges associated with working in one of the world’s harshest yet most ecologically sensitive and precious environments, Antarctica presents difficult contaminant dispersal challenges. Yet, in supplying cutting-edge, low-footprint Veolia technologies, it is also a leading example of how scientific solutions by industry leaders are solving critical environmental challenges through reconceptualising the role of waste within the gamut of circular economics.

Veolia’s Marafiq reverse osmosis plant was distinguished in the Industrial Desalination Plant of the Year category. Built to supply the water required for Sadara Chemical Company’s massive manufacturing facility in the industrial city of Jubail on the Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia, the plant supplies up to 178 000 m3/day through reverse osmosis seawater desalination.

The plant uses an array of high-end pre-treatment technologies – dissolved air flotation followed by self-cleaning microfiltration and ultrafiltration – to allow large volumes of water to be treated from a feed source at the extreme reaches of salinity and temperature for a desalination plant. Through a unique dual-train seawater then brackish water reverse osmosis process, water recovery level reaches almost 50%, while a rotary isobaric pressure exchanger uses just 5.1 kWh/m3, an impressive achievement for a plant of this scale dealing with hostile feed water conditions.

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